It is well-known in the industry that MAR CON, CO. takes safety very seriously. It is our policy to provide a working environment that goes beyond typical safety standards. We want to make sure that everyone who works on our job sites are in better condition at the end of the day than when they arrived. The personal safety and health of each employee of this company is of the utmost importance. We give the prevention of accidents and injury precedence at all times.

At MAR CON, CO., safety is part of our culture, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve our methods. Any workarounds that put the safety of the job site, our staff, and the surrounding community at risk is unacceptable.


Safety training for all employees and subcontractors
100% tie-off policy
Stringent personal protective equipment (PPE) policy
Excellent communication strategies
Close monitoring of subcontractors


The Health and Safety of our Bay Area General Contractors is Top Priority

We Always Execute Safety Procedures During Construction